Toolbar Functions

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The toolbar is the menu found left of the screen, consisting of seven icons with functions elaborated upon below. The toolbar can be configured to appear at all times or to be auto-hidden using the “Auto-hide toolbar” option from the Settings/Interface toolbar panel.

Screen Shot 2015-08-05 at 4.22.33 PM

Toolbar Tools:

Tool Icon
Tool Name
Major Objects
Displays 40 major bodies within Cosmographia that can be clicked to Go to that body. See Moving the Camera for more details.
Enables users to find an object and access some navigation and general information controls.
Time Control
Displays the time controls panel used to set time and adjust the time rate.
Enables users to adjust graphics, guides, interface settings, and add-ons. See more details in the Visualization Settings section.
Cosmographia Help
Provides general tips and suggestions on using Cosmographia. Some sections have been restated in this User’s Guide.
Not a clickable function: serves as a boundary between the top five icons and the solar system view icon.
Solar System View
Sets the camera view to look down on the solar system.