Object Functions Overview

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In Cosmographia, an object is defined as a natural body, spacecraft, sensor, observation, or reference point. All objects can be found using the search icon in the left toolbar.
For spacecraft and natural bodies, several object functions can be accessed by right-clicking that object in order to open up that body’s context menu. The same action can also be done by pressing CONTROL on your keyboard and simultaneously left-clicking. Note that sensors and observations do NOT have object context menus. This may be changed in the future.

There are four classes of object functions:

Navigation and Camera Controls
Navigation and Camera Controls functions adjust the camera view with respect to the selected and/or central object. These controls are found in Block 1 of the object context menu.
Showing Visual Attributes
Showing Visual Attributes functions display additional geometric markers applicable for the object. These controls are found in Blocks 2, 3, and 5 of the object context menu.
Showing Geometric Parameters
Showing Geometric Parameters functions display a text box at the bottom of the screen containing the current value of a specific geometric parameter. These controls are found in Block 4 of the object context menu. Note that Block 4 is normally absent and appears in the context menu only in certain cases discussed in the Showing Geometric Parameters section.
Showing General Information
Showing General Information functions display a text box on the left of the screen containing general information about the selected object. These controls are found in Block 6 of the object context menu.
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