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Cosmographia is a visualization program rendering the solar system and its bodies in 3D to create a freely navigable map of the solar system. The program allows manipulation of time and camera (observer) position. It can use SPICE data to visualize trajectory, orientation, and sensors flown on and observations taken by interplanetary spacecraft, to support scientific or engineering analysis, and perhaps even public outreach.
This User’s Guide illustrates how to manipulate functions available in Cosmographia and how to run Cosmographia using catalog files written in JavaScript Object Notation (JSON). It also includes instructions on using the capabilities added by NAIF to utilize SPICE data, as well as instructions on how to produce catalog files.
The following links provide more information about Cosmographia, JSON, and SPICE.
This SPICE-enhanced Cosmographia is available for download from the NAIF website at
This User’s Guide contains original work as well as content compiled from instructions written by Chris Laurel.