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This glossary clarifies terms that are used in this User’s Guide.

Cosmographia Terms

  1. Click: Use mouse to select a certain option on the screen
  2. Press: Use keyboard to select certain key(s)
  3. Select: Select an object in Cosmographia
  4. Camera: User, observer
  5. Center the object: Set the object as the new center
  6. Central object: Object chosen to be the point about which the view navigation functions pivot the Solar system. A natural body, a spacecraft, or a references point can be picked as Central Object. A sensor or an observation cannot.
  7. Movement: Adjust camera view or position
  8. Object: A natural body, spacecraft, sensor, observation, or reference point. NOT a vector, frame, or lon/lat grid. Users can “find” an object using the search panel. Some objects have object context menus that can be opened by right-clicking (spacecraft, natural body). Others do not (sensor, observation) though this may change in the future.
  9. Body: An object that is a natural body or a spacecraft. NOT a sensor, observation, or reference point.
  10. Parent Body: body around which the current object’s orbit is fixed
  11. Reference Point: A point in space that may have dynamical significance, such as the barycenter of a planet system.
  12. Rightclick: Right-click mouse or Press CONTROL and simultaneously left-click an object

JSON File Terms