Navigation Controls Overview

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Navigation controls allow the user to alter various aspects of the view of the Solar System that appears on the Cosmographia screen, which is also called the camera’s view or the observer’s view.

Navigation controls:

Selecting an Object
Selecting an object sets it as the new target for whatever function users wish to perform.
Setting an Object as the Center
Setting an object as the center makes that object the pivot point around which the camera and the rest of the Solar System will move on the screen.
Selecting a Rendering Frame
Selecting a Rendering Frame chooses a reference frame (centered at the central body) relative to which the camera position and orientation will be fixed during visualizations.
Adjusting the Camera View
Adjusting the camera view changes the camera view direction relative to the selected rendering frame or changes the size of the camera field of view without changing the camera position.
Moving the Camera
Moving the camera changes the camera’s position relative to the central object, with or without rotating the camera.
Using a Vector to Set the Camera View
Using a vector to set the camera view is a special case that simultaneously changes the rendering frame, camera position, and camera orientation.