Showing General Information

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General information about an object can be displayed in a text box to the left of the screen.

Ways to show general information:

Method(s) to Perform Function
Show Description
Shows a short description of an object.
  • Object Menu: Right-click object and click Show Description from the displayed options.
  • Left Toolbar: Use Search icon in toolbar to type in object’s name, then click Description.
Show Properties
Shows physical properties of an object.
  • Object Menu: Right-click object and click Show Properties from the displayed options.
Show Sensors
Shows a text box that displays sensors associated with an object.
[Available in Cosmographia 4.0 or later] The sensors text box can be dragged with mouse to any location within the program window.
[Available in Cosmographia 4.1 or later] The Show Sensors option appears in the context menu only when at least one sensor associated with an object is loaded. The set of sensors in the sensors list box updates automatically when any relevant sensor catalogs are loaded or unloaded. The right-top corner button (x) closing the sensor box appears only when the cursor is within the box area.
  • Object Menu: Right-click object and click Show Sensors from the displayed options.