Selecting an Object

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An object is defined as a natural body, spacecraft, sensor, observation, or reference point. All named objects can be found and selected using the search panel but not all objects can be selected by left-clicking the mouse.
Selecting an object sets it as the new target for whatever function users wish to perform.
The name of the currently selected object is displayed in the top left corner of the screen. The selected object’s distance from the observer and its radius (bounding radius for irregularly shaped bodies and radii for ellipsoid bodies) are also displayed in the top left corner of the screen.

There are four ways to select an object:

Method(s) to Perform Function
Select an object
  • Mouse: Left-click the object. This does not work for sensors and observations.
  • Left Toolbar: Use the search icon in the left toolbar to type in the name of the object and click Select.
  • Alternate Method 1: Right-click the object and click Show Properties from the displayed options.
  • Alternate Method 2: Right-click the object and click Show Description from the displayed options.