Interface Controls Overview

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There are five different avenues through which users can control Cosmographia– the Top Menu, Left Toolbar, Mouse, Object Menu, and a variety of Keyboard Shortcuts. For convenience, most Cosmographia functions can be accessed through more than one control avenue.

Avenues to Control Cosmographia

Top Menu
The top menu is the horizontal menu bar displayed at the very top of Cosmographia’s screen. In full screen mode, this bar may disappear when not used and reappear when the mouse cursor is hovered near the top of the screen.
Left Toolbar
The left toolbar is the vertical list of icons displayed at the very left of Cosmographia’s screen. It contains a variety of tools that enable users to control navigation, time, settings, and other functions.
Mouse movements and clicks/holds can be used by themselves or in combination with pressing keys to navigate the camera, select objects, access an Object Menu, and perform other functions.
Object Menu
Right-clicking or CONROL-left-clicking a natural body or a spacecraft opens the object menu (also known as the context menu). This menu offers access to navigation functions, visual attributes, geometric parameters, and general information specific for that object. Object menus are available only for natural bodies, spacecraft, and reference points.
Keyboard Shortcuts
A variety of hotkeys can be used to quickly access the most frequently used Cosmographia functions.

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