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A “Catalog List” catalog file specifies a set of catalogs that should be loaded together. This is an example of a Catalog List catalog file that lists CASSINI SPICE Data, Spacecraft, ISS NAC Sensor, and ISS NAC Observation catalogs:
   "version": "1.0",
   "name": "Cosmographia CASSINI Example",
   "require": [
The version and name attributes are set to the catalog format/content version (must be “1.0”) and the internal name of the catalog file
The require attribute lists the names of the catalogs to be loaded together. The paths to catalog files can be absolute or relative to the directory in which the list catalog file resides. Note that catalogs must be listed in the order of dependency so that the data and “parent” objects needed for all objects from a given catalog are loaded before that catalog is loaded. In general, catalogs for a SPICE-based mission should be loaded in the following order:
  1. SPICE data catalog file (names the SPICE kernels to be used)
  2. Spacecraft catalog file(s)
  3. Planets, satellites, comets, asteroids catalog files(s) (if using SPICE ephemeris data as opposed to the orbital information built-in to Cosmographia)
  4. Sensor catalog file(s)
  5. Observation catalog file(s)